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Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring is in the air as Jasen and Korree enjoy a beautiful spring day by taking it back to the 80"s in the new His and Her Cheese Wagon.

On Korree is the re-released Cheese Wagon Babydoll leaf dress. It is a very relaxed look and fit with a bright spring flare

They are both able to stay casually fly as they enjoy eachothers company.

As they wrap up there day you can notice all the details on Korree's dress

On Jasen is the new men Cheese Wagon Polo, it has a very comfortable fit and is a great choice for several occasions.

Time to let go of the blacks and browns fellas add some color in your life and let Cheese Wagon help you.

They received so much compliments , so now their heading back to The Wagon to get more spring wear.

Who is Tanyka Renee?

Tanyka Renee is the founding owner of D2B Holistics, a holistic nutritional service designed to create balance from the inside-out.
Holistic Nutritionist, Ayuredic Practitioner, Fitness Expert, Model, Professional Athlete and Entrepreneur, Tanyka Renee is enroute to becoming an iconic figure and inspiration to all woman; young, old, rich and poor.


Tanyka is wearing the infamous leather-shoulder pad, Alexander Wang dress with the new nude and gold strapped christian louboutins. Her clutch is vintage, made of alligator, ostrich and snake skin.

To find more about her check out here website Feel free to take any information or pics from website.
Look forward to seeing Tanyka in ladies Cheese Wagon & Simply Intricate in the near future.


I give thanks that I am loved and supported.

Mother Earth accepts each seed and enfolds it in love. She provides a place for roots to grow and nourishes the green shoots that reach toward the sun.

I give thanks today for my own mother. If I cannot speak with her or be with her, I send her my loving thoughts. I give thanks for the arms that embraced me, for the nourishment of my body and soul, and for the encouraging words that inspired me to aim higher.

There are also ways that I may nurture and support others. No matter what my age or status in life, I have love to share. The spirit of God is my ever-present source of support and encouragement. For love, both given and received, I am grateful.

He will feed his flock like a shepherd; ... and gently lead the mother sheep.--Isaiah 40:11

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