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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Fashion

This week we conducted a phone interview with a talented and gifted 19 yr old fashion/graphic designer from Savannah, Georgia.

The Reckless Rebels® Clothing
THE WAGON: 1. What all are the basic tasks of a fashion designer?
WAYNE: Back in the day's, a fashion designer did exactly what the title says, Design Fashion Garments. This Day and age a fashion designer is more than that;they're graphic designers, pattern makers, Creative directors, photographers, etc. . .

THE WAGON: 2. What skills are required to be a successful fashion designer?
WAYNE: A Passion For Fashion, and not following a trend.

THE WAGON: 3. What all qualities do you possess as a fashion designer?
WAYNE: I design clothing, I'm also a graphic, and web designer, as well as a a pattern maker.

THE WAGON: 5. How did u get into fashion design?
WAYNE: I've always liked copping the newest or coolest s*#t. But, I was tired of spending my money on all that expensive s#*t knowing I could create something way better.

THE WAGON: 6. What inspired u to get into fashoin design?
WAYNE: I got inspired in fashion from seeing other designers make it. Everyone wants to do something and get credit, so i wanted to make my stay on this earth as rewarding as possible. I taught myself the business and studied alot of different style, went thru alot of trial and error, and thats what got me here today.

THE WAGON: 7. whats your philosophy about the ART of fashion?
WAYNE: Fashion is ART! when you're wearing any garment your a walking canvas.

THE WAGON: 8. what do u enjoy most about designing clothes?
WAYNE: Seeing it come from my head, to LIFE!! its like a child.

THE WAGON: 9. whats the most challenging part?
WAYNE: The most challenging part is, making people understand the vision that came from your head. Making your brand count and not just being another label.

THE WAGON: 10. whose your most influential fashion designer?
WAYNE: Honestly, my most influential designer(s) are the people just like me; independent brands, just trying to make it.

THE WAGON: 11. your thought on The Wagon and working along them??
WAYNE: The Wagon is a great outlet for small brands, They cater to the stylish individuals in an urban community. Back in the day you had to go all the way to the city for that new hot s*#t, The Wagon saves you that train or bus fare you using to get to the city. They give us small brands an opportunity to showcase our talent and get it out to the public.

THE WAGON: Tell us about your brand.

WAYNE: Our Vision for The Reckless Rebels surfaced from the idea of simply living life the way we want. The Reckless Rebels represent the artists, the designers, the naturally creative and artistic individuals; but more importantly it represents those that just want to Be and are not afraid of Being. Not boasting about style or letting ego take control; we aim to produce quality goods that represents the Reckless Rebels lifestyle. The clothing not only represents the lifestyle but it also represents what inspires us, which is Art & Design. People produce Brands everyday, We make this one count.

Wayne Fryer (Creative Director)

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