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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excuse Me Miss...... Simply Intricate

The Talk of the town Simply Intricate Excuse Me Miss Catsuit

Ultimate faceoff

Slim & sexy Vs.Bold and Beautiful

To Cool For School Candice pairs her catsuit with Chanel Jewelry, Cazal Shades, multiple bracelets..

Excuse Me Miss Sunny pairs her suit with a Chanel chain and let the Cat suit do the talking

Styled by Fe'Noel
Photographs by Colin Thierens & David Tonge

Simply Intricate Cat suit is now available at The Wagon boutique

Simply Intricate

Ms. Simmone Alexander is about to attend a casual sweet sixteen and she gave us a glimpse of her playing dress up while deciding which Simply Intricate rhythm nation piece she wanted to wear.

She loved the red because it made her skin tone pop.

But it was something about the dress in white , that finished her look for the night..

Do you think she made a great choice.

You to can get Simmone's look at The Wagon Boutique , and will be available soon on the online store

Funny s#*t: Omarion vs SPAG... lol

Here we go again,in late 2009 my staff put together a split photo of me and Omarion going at it wearing an Vintage ADIDAS olympic sweater(check the ideline photos on far right). Now this is time i guess its part 2 of the so called battle or an extension to the joke.Omarion does a MCM weekender duffle bag, similiar to one that i personally own.This is no way a shot or diss to Omarion, but pointing out how great minds think alike. I do have a great deal of respect for recording artist who dig in the crates or push the envelope to make a fashion statement.

Omarion vs SPAG again. lmao


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