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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Word on the Streets Is......

Has there ever been a point in time when you stopped and thought, "I'll remember this moment for years to come"?

It might be a single occurance in history or it may be an individual that changed the way you thought about life - these are Urban Classics.

Most of us can relate to each other’s idea of an Urban Classic. Where did you grow up? What music did you listen to? What styles and trends were popular and bring back feelings of nostalgia? Think of what makes up our memories - a monumental Tyson fight, Anita Baker's "Sweet Love", or a 1970 GTO - a classic, urban icon.

Think of the trends that never die - vintage clothing, old-school music, neighborhood memories - we all relish these certain flashbacks, because they collectively gave us an identity and we can appreciate the classics for making our individualities. They're each an Urban Classic.

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