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Saturday, February 13, 2010

NO LABEL: Korree approved!

Last year spring time I saw someone wearing a watch that had no label on it. I had no idea who made it, and never seen it before. Now working at the wagon, I came across this watch again. Its actually called NO LABEL! I love this watch<3. Its something that can be worn everyday with almost anything. For those days when your running out the house to hit up the hair salon, or to run errands. Its that little something that can make your outfit. The best part is the price baby...$60! Cant beat that, and they come in different colors. My personal favorite is the purple piece. So if your asking when the best time to purchase, that time is now.


Anonymous said...


Kobe aka Da kine baby mama said...

You make that watch look so damn sexy ;)

SPAG said...

Supa dope!

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