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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Styling Tip # 12

Leopard and Animal print is definitely back this fall. All our favorite designers from Louis Vuitton to Cheese Wagon is incorporating animal prints in their designs. You must pick up some type of animal print for your wardrobe, if this is to bold for you trust me try it with a scarf or clutch first and you'll love it..

Halle Berry in a Leopard Clutch

Chanel Iman In Zebra print

Bold & Fly Leopard CL

Caution: Ladies I beg you please do not wear two different animal prints at the same time.. This is a FASHION DON'T


Anonymous said...

did yall know they coming out with Loubie' leapord print mens sneakers?

Not Your Average Jane™ said...

Owww I love the fact that Zebra and Leopard are in this fall season

SPAG said...

MEMBERS ONLY already did the animal print racer jackets,and you FE DIDDY shot it down ! but LV and CL does it now its cool?!?!? lol

Fe Diddy said...

lol... for some reason their leopard look dull it just wasn't doing it for me spagster and I shot it down for some other reasons to .. But you gotta admit these prints look fly.. lol

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